About Us

Team Members.

Bill Swayne

Team Manager/Investigator

BIO: Colorado Native. I run parafpi with the help of my teammates.  I am married with two children. I love to investigate the paranormal both for fun and to help others. On my spare time I also enjoy getting my butt kicked in online video games.

Dana Backues

Case Manager/Data Analyst/Investigator

Bio: I've been investigating the paranormal since my first memory. My favorite piece of equipment will always be a voice recorder and my own intuition. In addition to investigating, I am experienced with Pagan-style cleansing/blessings. As a long distance member of ParaFPI, I'm happy to help in the St. Louis metro area as well as in Colorado.  

Charles Mcwherter 

Investigation coordination/Investigator/Data Analyst 

BIO:  I've been involved in investigating the paranormal about 10 years. Over the years investigating has become a passion. I am dedicated to finding that piece of evidence that will prove the location is haunted. I will do this till the day I pass and then will become the hunted. 

Sara Igo

Investigator, Data Analyst  

Having had paranormal experiences from childhood, I have been involved with ParaFPI ....for the last 10(not sure) years. 

I love combining my intuitive gifts with technology to find answers and hear stories from the other side. 

Cara McCormack 

Investigator, Data Analyst  

Cara has been interested in the paranormal since the 3rd grade when she purchased a book about ghosts from her school book club.  The book talked about several haunted locations and had photographs of spirits.  The images were stored in her mind for the years to come.  

In the 1990's she had an experience in an old residence on Macinac Island, MI.  She felt a pressure on her shoulder, as if someone had placed their hand there.  Turns out Macinac Island is very haunted and was the site of many battles.

In 2000 she took a layman's course in Ghost Hunting.  Learning how to take night photos, do voice recordings to capture EVPs, and learned a little about using a K2 meter.

In 2007 she joined her first real paranormal investigation team.  Cara had a few personal experiences, including seeing two orbs of light live and in person in the basement of a house that was reporting activity.  This is when she really realized that there was truly something beyond our normal experiences.

Cara has spent many hours scouring paranormal books, TV shows, radio interviews, for any and all information she can get on ghosts, spirits, life after death, UFOs, aliens, and even Cryptids and other unusual life forms that may exist.  Things such as time travel, alternative realities, and multiple dimensions also are of interest to her.

She has been a part of ParaFPI since 2013.  She has taken part in interviewing clients for potential investigations and assisting in investigations.